New Balance Leadville V3 VS Adidas Vigor TR 2 Reviews

New Balance Leadville V3 Running Shoe Review

New Balance has such a large range of high quality running shoes, and there are shoes to suit all different types of running. The New Balance Leadville V3 shoes are ideal for all types of running, so if you are a regular at the gym and like to run on the treadmills, or you like to run on the road, these shoes are perfect for all of these.

The beauty of the New Balance Leadville V3 running shoes is the snug and comfortable fit they provide. Every part of the shoe has been carefully considered in the design phase and has been constructed in such as way that they cling to the feet and provide a really stable and comfortable environment for your feet when you are walking or running in them.

The New Balance Leadville V3 shoes are available for both men and women and have the same qualities in both. They are fairly light considering how sturdy these shoes are. They also provide a lot of support for the ankle area too, so if you like to do any off road running you will find that these shoes will give you the traction and the support in the right areas too.

New Balance Leadville V3

Support structured design

The overlays used to make the uppers in the New Balance Leadville V3 shoes are made in such a way that they provide support and pull the shoes together so that they give a comfy fit around the whole foot. Even the two uprights on the “N” on the side of the shoes are made from the laces, so that they pull the sides of the shoes in, giving a much better fit and an overall more responsive shoe.

The mesh material is used in between the synthetic overlays and adds the ventilation to the shoes, as well as the flexibility too. This combination of the materials and the way the overlays hold the shoes in the right shape really works well and helps the shoes to mold around the shape of your feet.

Stabilicore support system

To stop your feet from rolling to the sides when you run in the shoes, the New Balance Leadville V3 has a Stabilicore support system that keeps the foot upright and also provides support all the way through from the heel to the toe-off.


If you run on harder surfaces such as roads or a track, then your feet and joints can take quite a pounding if they do not have sufficient cushioning throughout the shoe. The New Balance Leadville V3 uses a system called ABZORB SBS, which provides plenty of cushioning from the heel all the way down to the toes. This will enable you to run on any surface and the shoes will feel comfortable and eliminate the fatigue that can develop after running for a while.

Final thoughts on the New Balance Leadville V3 running shoes

Comfort and stability are just two of the excellent qualities of these running shoes. You can wear these for all types of running and even if you just wanted a comfortable pair of shoes for walking around in. If you do some longer distance training and running events, you will find the performance you need from these shoes too. The New Balance Leadville V3 is another excellent shoe from the New Balance brand, and have certainly proven to be a popular runners choice for many already.

Adidas Vigor TR 2 Running Shoe Review

The Adidas Vigor TR 2 running shoes for men and women are fairly unique in their design and they have some really innovative features about them that make them a very good running shoe option. These shoes are ideal for trail running due to their design and durability. Their unique sole also gives them a lot of traction on this kind of surface too, so you can run with confidence.

Although the Adidas Vigor TR 2 is not the lightest running shoe you will ever find, it is still on the light side and will not provide too much resistance to you as you run in the different surfaces and conditions. One thing you will notice is just how comfortable they are to wear. All around your feet you will find that there is support and soft comfortable material that provides ample cushioning.

When you are running on trails and any uneven ground, you want your shoes to provide you with the stability you need to keep a firm footing on the ground. The Adidas Vigor TR 2 running shoes eliminate the rolling motion that you find in so many other shoes, so you can get a solid foothold in the ground each step you take.

Adidas Vigor TR 2

Synthetic and mesh uppers

The uppers are a blend of synthetic and mesh material, and they are designed in such a way that the synthetic overlays are in all of the high pressure points of the top of the shoes so they provide that extra added strength.

The mesh material helps your feet to breathe so they can stay cooler and stop from swelling. These soft uppers also promote a very flexible shoe and will give your feet the freedom of movement as they twist and turn on the uneven trail surfaces.

Unique sole design

The sole on the Adidas Vigor TR 2 running shoes is designed for that extra traction that you need when running on trails. If the conditions are wet and the ground is lose too, then you need all of the traction you can get. These shoes provide that traction in bundles, so you be able to keep a firm foothold and run to your optimal levels each time.

The midsoles are made with IVA that has been injected into the sole to provide that extra spongy cushioning your feet need when being put through their paces. It is a nice feeling when you can run on surfaces like this and you do not have to worry about your feet getting sore and fatigued from wearing the shoes.

Ankle support

You ankle is a very vulnerable part of the body when running on uneven ground. Just the slightest slip or a wrong landing can twist an ankle if it does not have any support. So the Adidas Vigor TR 2 running shoes have addressed this problem by having a slightly higher back. The sides are also comfortable to the ankle area and top of the feet.

Final thoughts on the Adidas Vigor TR 2

These shoes get high marks for both their looks and quality. They are very comfortable, which is needed as they have been designed for off road trail running. Your feet will also feel very stable when wearing them, they should avoid most little twists and turns that can happen with less supportive shoes. Overall, the Adidas Vigor TR 2 running shoes for men and women provide great quality at a really good price too.