Britax Marathon ClickTight: Best Baby Car Seat of the Year

Keeping our kids safety is first. When it comes to your baby, everything has to be the safest one. Taking your baby for traveling in your car also requires special car seat designed for baby. You will find hundreds of choices in the market, but you will take your time to search for the best one.

When we talk about the best for babies, it means the safest one. Choosing baby car seat also gets the same requirements. So, on this article I choose britax marathon clicktight car seats for the littles.

Better protection is the main thing offered in this Britax marathon clicktight system integrated, this is different model with 2016 britax marathon g4.1. As babies are still unable to sit properly, this car seat must be able to keep them on the seat even when the vehicle is going through some bumpy roads. Other than safety, parents also must ensure that their babies are sitting comfortable at the back seat.

You will be driving in the driver seat and your baby will be at the back seat. You won’t be able to hold your baby as you have to focus your attention to the street. Being critical to the offers is important as it will protect your baby from any possible injury or accident while you’re traveling.

Baby Car Seat

Special Design of Britax Marathon

  • One of the hottest baby car seat is Britax Marathon ClickTight. This baby car seat is special because it’s convertible. It gives more comfort for the baby.
  • The base of this baby car seat is designed with ClickTight System, safecell technology which can compress bumps and shake in a crash. It still gets harness ultra guard system to better protection in crash.
  • This HUGS gives more resistance against forward movement that usually occurs in a crash. For side protection,
  • The car seat has deep side walls combined with energy absorbing EPP foam. This design can equally distribute forces in a crash, also works as shield against intrusion.
  • The best part is that the design protects baby’s head, neck, and body. This baby car seat uses integrated steel bar that can reduce forward flexing. It minimizes injury that often happens as a result of movement of the car.
  • This convertible car seat is easy to set. It uses premium lower latch connectors that simplifies the installation. To take out this car seat only takes one push button.
  • The most important thing is to keep this car seat attached strongly to the car. With five point harness, this baby car seat is safely attached to the car and ready to protect your baby.

Benefits of Using Britax Marathon

This product has special design with special materials that are aiming to give the best protection to your baby. It fits for various car types and series. Although this car seat is quite big in size, it still fits for small city car. It takes only a few minutes to install it into your car with its premium latch installation and you are ready to take your baby with you.

Britax Marathon ClickTight suits for baby and also toddler. Some users even still use this product for their 4 years old children. With its rear facing feature, you can be sure that your baby is sitting comfortable in the back seat.