Why Is It Important for You to Improve Your Vertical Jump

In many sports and dances, being able to jump higher is a critical requirement. If you wish to improve your dunk, to head the ball into the goal, to effectively clear hurdles, to successfully leap over a crossbar, to efficiently block and spike, or to have a good jet, you have to drill your ability to jump higher.

If you can improve vertical jump, you will eventually also be able to improve your horizontal jump. As a result, by improving your vertical jump, you will also have better chance to win in sports that rely on horizontal jump ability, such as sprint, dash and long jump.

3 Effective Vertical Jump Exercises

To be able to jump higher, you must have strong, powerful and flexible hips and legs. Therefore, your vertical jump training should focus on improving the strength, power and flexibility of the lower part of your body. There are three effective jump training exercises for that purpose. Each of those three exercises is explained as follows.

vertical jump training

Weight Training

Weight training is mostly associated with the improvement of physical strength and power. If you wish to strengthen any parts of your body, especially your hips and legs, weight training is necessary because it allows those body parts to contract more quickly and to produce more force. Two weight training workout sessions every week are enough to improve their strength and power.

Each session should start with warm-up, which lasts about 10 minutes, and proceed with 6 to 12 repetitions of weight training. It is recommended that there are two days off between both sessions to let your muscle recover.

Flexibility Exercise

The third important factor after strength and power is flexibility. The more flexible your legs are, the more able they are to extend and the higher your leap will be. You can improve the flexibility of your hips and legs by improving the flexibility of their flexors—muscles that bend your hips’ joint during contraction. Stretch your flexors for about 20 second for an exercise rep. Do three reps for each leg for a few minutes. Perform this exercise right after you perform weight training to achieve optimal result.

plyometric jumping

Plyometric Exercise

Plyometric exercise or jump training helps improve muscular power and flexibility. By performing this exercise, your muscle will respond more quickly to contracting and flexing. As a result, your muscle will produce a large amount of force very quickly.

Just like weight training, plyometric exercise should be done only twice in a week to allow your muscle to recover. The most effective plyometric exercises that you can perform are ones that involve jumping, such as skipping, squat jump, depth jump, box jump, and counter-movement jump.

Improving the strength, power and flexibility of your hips and legs is thus the main key of how to increase vertical jump. Perform all necessary exercises that have such goal and your vertical jumping ability will certainly improve significantly.