Lower Abdominal Pain after Eating

It is not comfortable to have lower abdominal pain after eating. It will make the day getting bad. The pain is not something you can take easy since it engage with several important diseases.

Lower abdominal pain after eating often came quickly after you take your meal. It did not take an hour after you eat, but instantly. That is what make this symptoms need to be worry and have to take immediate action.

Sometimes lower abdominal pain after eating only happen when you eat some specific food that is dangerous to your allergic such as MSG, food additives, gluten, lactose, and fructose.

Allergic foods sometimes affect other part of body for example itchy or rashes on the skin. But for some allergic case, it could be the pain in your stomach after eating.

Lower Abdominal Pain after Eating Food Intolerance Syndrome

This severe case of allergic food can be counted as food intolerance. It means that your colon did not have the ability to digest those foods. If you keep eating those foods, it can cause bloating, diarrhea or even nausea. This painful result could last for couple of hours until the food is out of the body. Be patient until the food comes out itself to normal digestion or take laxative medication to enhance the process to eliminate lower abdominal pain after eating.

Lower Abdominal Pain after Eating

Celiac disease also can result as lower abdominal pain after eating. While food intolerance ranges from several type of food, Celiac is different. Celiac disease is only happen to those who intolerant to lactose.

At first one will feel pain, and then the pain arise to stomach cramp and bloating. This mean your bodies deny the food that you ate. Those who have this disease usually diagnosed since they were kids, although it is not impossible that adult also can suddenly have this disease.

This lower abdominal pain after eating intolerance disease kind a tricky since you have to avoid food with lactose since lactose is almost everywhere inside the food that we ate such as cereals, ice cream, cookies, ketchup and other. Luckily some product already came with notification in their packaging so it will make those intolerant foods easier to choose their food.

Lower Abdominal Pain after Eating, Left Side

When you are having pain in lower abdominal pain after eating specially in the left side, the most common case is Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBL. When after eating the meal you feel there is sharp pain in your lower abdomen, and gas filled your stomach, and then follow with bloating, diarrhea and constipation problem, that is more likely IBL symptoms.

When this happen, take laxative medication to heal the problem instantly. But the problem does not stop there. IBL happen because of poor muscles which result from illness or poor nutrition. To overcome this syndrome, you have to eat more fiber from fruit and vegetables plus drink at least 8 glass of water a day. Do not forget to train your abdominal muscle to terminate this problem too.

Lower Abdominal Pain after Eating, Right Side

While pain in the left side is more benign, it is different with right lower abdominal pain after eating. The symptoms could be differentiating from mild to severe.

The symptoms also varying from pain, cramping, fever, vomiting, bloating to the pain with relation with menstruation cycle. There are some severe cases that need immediate action if you feel illness in the right side such as appendicitis, hernia complications, abdominal aortic aneurysm, ovarian cysts or food poisoning.

Visiting doctor or hospital is a must the symptoms occur especially if the lower abdominal pain after eating worse within couple of days. So, keep your body and soul healthy.